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Complete management of maintenance of vehicles. Very to spend money in repairs because not to have had the car minimumly taken care of or by to have forgotten to you to make the revision of something at the time? With Vehicles Pro and our best cheap vps hosting, you will be able to take a rigorous control of all the referring one to the maintenance of the same. One is an important data, data base in which you will be able to introduce all the necessary information in relation to your car, from tires to failures, with dates and others. That information it we will be able soon to consult and to print for this way not forgetting anything. It manages the control of the more usual tasks of maintenance, as the changes of oil, filters, tires, failures, consumption of fuel, ITV, Personal accident insurance, Card of health, Card of transport, Scheduled inspections, Control of movement of vehicles, Control on equipment that mounts in the vehicles (ex Crane, Equipment of cold, etc.), Control of expenses, Accidents, Fuel tanks, Control of Stock of spare parts, etc. So much at particular level can be used, as in factories, agencies of rent of vehicles, Companies of transports, Companies of ambulances, Taxis, etc.


Instantaneous Translation and linguistic resources in 6 languages!
It translates text to and from to 6 languages – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.
Connections to linguistic resources that include grammar dictionaries, tools, books of phrases, learning of languages, newspapers and much more.
It defines connections to his own linguistic resources. A great tool for the learning of languages.
Access to 1WorldChat – multilingual chat and debates.
The translated text can automatically be copied to the paper holder and patch in any application.
Simple user interface who makes the translation of as easy text as to use the instantaneous mail.



Programs of professional management of the medical, dental and optical sector.