We at home offer repair or in our facilities, to individuals and companies. Our objective is that our clients have a computer science service of quality, that solves its incidences to them of fast and definitive form.

We took care to the 100% of his computer science needs, so that you, only dedicate yourself to your business.

Between the Computer science Services that we offer, we emphasized the hiring of domains and Diseño professional Web, using the last technologies of design Web HTML and personalisation of packages CMS. We offer quality, guarantee of satisfaction and special supplies of design of webpages and positioning natural Web.

Service at home of installation, configuration and put into operation of computer science devices: Computers, printers, servers, elements of network, closets rack, etc.

Special attention to Organizations who need qualified manpower to realise facilities new or improvements in their computer science infrastructure.

Effective technical service for precise incidences.

Cost arranged by means of budget based on the time and complexity of the work to realise.

Fast and effective service.

Maximum optimization of the run-down times, diminishing the impact of the change, for the migrations.

Habitual facilities but:

  • New network of computers, printers and file server.
  • Installation of networks and connections Internet and Intranet.
  • Installation and configuration of security cameras.
  • Computer science integration in closet rack 42U.
  • Database servers: Microsoft SQL, MySQL,…
  • Servers of mail: Microsoft Exchange, Postfix, Sendmail,…
  • Solutions of storage and backup: Tape robot, tape drives, NAS, SAN, Veritas,…
  • Interconnection of delegations: Tunnels VPN, IPSec, MPLS,…
  • Solutions of remote desktop software: Citrix and Terminal Server
  • Solutions of security: Firewall, IDS, digital Certificates,…